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Name:Héctor Barbossa
Birthdate:Dec 21
"A man so evil that Hell itself spat him back out"
Exaggerations, mere sailor's tall tales. "Evil" is such a black-and-white concept, after all... Selfish might be more accurate. Selfish, but not enough to not recognize the need to finally make a stand. And arrogant of course, but after all not many men can claim a career like his: A Pirate Lord of the Brotherhood, the terror of the Caribbean for a decade and one of the few men to put one on Jack Sparrow. Not to mention his claim to have come back from the dead on a couple occasions. And now he's sitting across from you at a table, sizing you up with just the barest hint of a smile in his thin lips, heavy-lided eyes half-closed in the dim light of the booth.

'And all that to be cheated out of my prize once again, and once again by him. Is it any wonder I hate the man? But let's not talk about Jack anymore, I'm not in the mood and you -don't- want to put me in that mood, believe me.

Here, have an apple and let's talk about that map and that ship of yours, young man.'

Now, for those few who don't know the character, this is Captain Héctor Barbossa, a pirate captain in the magic-and-voodoo infested seas of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise. Appearance-wise he's a tall, rangy man in his forties (Not too well-kept, but hey, all of that grog and weathering make you look your age, or even a tad worse). His face shows the mark of a tough, long and debauched life, his eyes's whites are an unhealthy shade of yellow and his long graying hair, straggly bifurcated beard and long yellowish nails contribute to this unkempt image. This contrasts with his clothes, which are fine, even bordering on gaudy (There's no other adjective for a broad-brimmed hat adorned with blue ostrich feathers, or buttons made from Inca silver stolen from Spanish ships) and his taste for the fine things in life (and apples, of course).

Personality-wise, he is ruthless, cunning, practical. Seemingly unprincipled but loyal to the Brethren of the Coast and willing to do the right thing when the need arises, but of course always with one or two backup plans. As a captain he is an unforgiving, but efficient leader. He has a wry sense of humour which he uses mostly to taunt both peers and rivals, and occasionally even prisoners, and put them off-balance. In a fashion similar to the clash between his looks and clothes, his attitude can shift between that of an educated gentleman able to use words big enough to mock and confuse a Governor's daughter to that of a scurvy seadog with a language capable of making a zombie blush (Limited by this being a Disney movie after all).

Héctor Barbossa is from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise, and is the property of Disney studios (I think). He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made. But he still rocks, dammit

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aztec gold, mutiny, terrorizing the caribbean, the black pearl

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